Imperial Yue Guang Bai (Moon Light White) White Tea,50g

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Imperial Yue Guang Bai (Moon Light White) White Tea,50g

Moonlight white tea or Yue Guang Bai Tea is a particular style of tea orginating in China's Yunnan province. 


Yue Guang Bai Tea is sometimes sold in compressed cakes like Pu-erh, and aged like Pu-erh, although it is also sold in loose leaf form, and consumed sooner after production. We named it as a white tea because its production involves withering and drying like other white teas, and its character resembles other white teas to a large degree, although its processing differs from that of other white teas in some ways.


 Imperial Yue Guan Bai Tea (Moon Light White White Tea)
 Yunnan Province
  Harvest time:  2017 spring
  Picking standard: 
 One bud with one or two leaves
  Dried tea color:  Shiny silver hair color with dark leaves hue
  Shape:  Tight, fat, plump
 Fresh & clean flower fragrance
 Fresh, sweet, mellow, unique floral taste
  Tea soup color:

 Golden yellow


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