Classic 58 Fengqing Black Tea Flat Pine Needle Shape, 50g

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Classic 58 Fengqing Black Tea Flat Pine Needle Shape, 50g

This organic-certified Classic 58 Black Tea is directly from organic-certified tea base of Yunnan Fengqing Dianhong Tea Factory, which is famous for producing the highest quality Yunnan black tea. When Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited China in 1986, Deng Xiaoping-the chairman of central military commision of China, sent the black tea from Dianhong tea factory as a gift to Queen Elizabeth II.


Speical & well-processd needle shape black tea, it enjoys high freshness and sweetness. For such high quality, it has little or no astringency at all; hence there is no need to add some sugar or honey to compensate the astringency; but still, if adding some pure milk, then the taste is more smooth and mellow, I will never forget the mellowness of this milk tea.

This classic 58 black tea was firstly invented in 2006 by Dianhong factory, which carefully selected the high aroma big leaves variety in Fengqing tea bases. Its making process is different from the traditional Fengqing black tea. Classic 58 black tea, with straight, tight leaves and buds, with golden hair and high aroma.  This tea enjoys very high, sweet aroma, but thick taste, long-lasting sweetness.

Tea tree: Big leaves tea vareity in Fengqing area, Yunnan


  Name:   Classic 58 Fengqing Black Tea
 Fengqing area, Yunnan
  Harvest time:  2017 spring
  Picking standard: 
 One bud with one leaf
  Dried tea color:  Golden color hair, and bloom leaves
  Shape:  Flat pine-needle shape(Song zhen shape)
 Fresh, high sweetness
 Fresh, sweet, delicate & mellow but thick taste, long aftertaste
  Tea soup color:

 Bright orange color


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